Rise up for Children

Rise up for Children

In an effort to leave a small footprint of good in my lifetime; I am happy to disclose that I am a huge advocate of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) https://ourrescue.org/ and contribute a small donation of every sale to support their endeavor to eradicate children sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. As leaders of greater good; I think, it is our duty to make every attempt thinkable to keep and promote a safe environment for our children. Moreover, afford each and every single one of them, regardless of color, gender or race, a healthier lifestyle for the future. Keep children innocent – today, tomorrow and forever.

To the families affected by this heinous life changing event or similar; words can’t describe how sorry I am you had to experience this. You’re in my prayers. May God heal your scars, fill any voids you may have and most importantly aid you in regaining your faith, if you have lost it, in humankind.

Once again, thank you for support! You are not just allowing me the opportunity to pursue my dream, but are also affording me the resource to support O.U.R.

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”

                                                                               -Psalm 127:3


                                                                                               Vale’s Lovelties



Apr 7, 2022
Texas, US


J West
Nov 6, 2021
California, US


Ruth Diaz
Aug 5, 2021
Florida, US


Valeria Rios
Jun 7, 2021
Florida, US


Ruth Diaz
May 3, 2021
Florida, US

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Vale's Lovelties
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